Les cours de français de Mme Spencer

Rubrics are guides to improvement in skills and grades.  Most projects will have a specific rubric.  One very important rubric in Foreign Language classrooms is the Participation Rubric.  It simply is not possible to earn a good grade in a FL class without participating in class activities.  Bell ringers, homework checks, paired and group activities, even games require speaking.  

5 times during the quarter, I designate days to check participation (avoiding presentations, culture days, assemblies, or other days where class might not be proceeding as normal).  Because these are "one day snapshots", there are no numbers such as "answered 5-8 times in class."  By assigning these days throughout the quarter, if a student is having a bad day for whatever reason and not participating, he or she should be able to get back to normal the next time.  You will see those entered in the on-line grade book as "Participation."  On those participation days, I first note the date and make check marks on the rubric itself, and sometimes notes, as the class works on our activities.  At the end of the class I evaluate and enter the grades; the next class session, students receive their rubrics so they may note the grade and ask any questions, then they return them to me.

Please take a look at the rubric below and as always, please email with questions: madamespencer@schools.net

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