Les cours de français de Mme Spencer

Je me présente......

Whoops!  The whole summer slipped by and you didn't practice any French!  Don't come to class tongue-tied.  It can be scary to answer questions out loud.  Sometimes it helps to prep answers to what you are likely to hear in advance.  Here is a list of typical questions you'll hear in class as we plunge back into le monde francophone. I'll bet you remember more than you would have predicted! Don't worry about being perfect.  Our goal is to communicate.  Do your best. Remember, even though "se perfectionner" looks like it means "to perfect yourself", it actually means "to improve"!

1. Comment t’appelles-tu?

2. Quel âge as-tu?

3. C’est quand ton anniversaire?

4. Quel est ton numéro de téléphone?

5. Combien de personnes y a-t-il dans ta famille?

6. As-tu un animal familier?

7. Où habites-tu?

8. Quels trois adjectifs décrivent ta personnalité?

9. Comment passes-tu ton temps libre? (Donne trois détails.)

10. D’habitude, qu’est-ce que tu fais après les classes?

11. D’habitude, qu’est-ce que tu fais le week-end (la fin de semaine)?

12. Qu’as-tu fait le week-end passé?

Still worried about pronunciation?  Here is a fantastic resource-- choose the language, type your text in French, and click on "SAY IT!" you will hear how it should sound.  An excellent way to prep for those oral interviews and presentations!