Les cours de français de Mme Spencer

Daily Agenda

Although it is difficult to state what will happen each and every day in class, there are some activities you can expect every day.  In accordance with district policy, the specific day's agenda (and homework assignment) and will be posted in the classroom, with the activities tied to our objectives as phrased by
Les élèves pourront.............. The students will be able to...........

These are based on the previous day's work or homework assignment and are designed to get your brain thinking in French again.  They may be individual work, paired activities, written, oral, and/or may even count as a quiz grade.
     Example French I:  
          Using the Vocabulary studied in Ch 1, Mots 1 (Comment est la fille? le garçon? nationalité?)
          describe one boy and one girl to your partner and ask "C'est qui?"  If your partner responds correctly, he/she
          then describe one boy and one girl to you.
     Example French III:
          D'où vient ton argent de poche et que fais-tu avec ton argent de poche? (3-4 phrases complètes)
          (Where does your spending money come from and what do you do with it? 3-4 complete sentences)

After a certain amount of time to complete the Bellringer, we as a class discuss your answers (more oral practice!). 

NOTE : Bellringer topics and questions have a habit of showing up on quizzes, tests, and oral interviews!

Homework Review
         This many be a full review or a quick check for comprehension.  It is very important to let me know if there is a     
         concept/element you struggled with so we can figure out a different way to master it.

Skills Practice
         This could be  speaking/oral activities, or written work and correction of same.  I like to include reviews of this
         previously-learned material with games ranging from Battleship to Le Pendu (Hangman), Jeopardy, even 
         class-wide team competitions!

These activities occur as indicated by class progress:
Introduction of New Material, Presentation of rubrics for projects, work on individual elements of projects, presentations, quizzes, and unit/chapter tests.

Exit Ticket (Billet de sortie)
The last few minutes of class will be devoted to answering a few questions about the day's lesson and the main points on which we focused.  Most often this is written, but may be performed orally.  This is like a bellringer but in reverse, and is to let the both of us know if you did understand.  After all, if you did not, how can you attempt the homework that night?  
Please note that if you truly are lost, here is your opportunity to let me know quietly-- just write "I'm having problems!" or something similar.  We can speak privately about it, or look for an email from me that day in your school account.  The sooner we address this, the sooner we can fix it!