Les cours de français de Mme Spencer
French I: General Course Expectations

Course Description:  In this course, we will begin our study of the French language.  Our main goal is to acquire the skills that are necessary for performing simple tasks and satisfying basic needs in an everyday setting.  Students will participate in activities and assignments designed to develop all four modalities of communication – reading, writing, listening and especially speaking.  Because successful communication depends on more than knowing what words to say, we will also study important aspects of the history and culture of French-speaking regions around the world.

Please download the Class Contract (you will find it in the subpage for French I).  You and your parent(s) should read and sign it.  Return it to me along with all the school forms required by the September 9 for a FREE HOMEWORK PASS (can always use those!).

Speaking of homework, the FAQ will answer a lot of questions (see HOME subpage). 

You can type in French!  Use these accent codes (see HOME subpage). 

Download and print the Participation rubric-- keep this in your binder and refer to it often (see HOME subpage).