Les cours de français de Mme Spencer

A note to parents about Café français

Your student is likely to be very nervous the first time we hold a Café français!  This will become easier the more we do it.  Basically, a theme for this is announced in advance.  Our first ones usually focus on something we are studying in class that lends itself well to discussion (such as French III's "Young People in France and the United States" topic); later, the students themselves choose a theme.  In the weeks leading up to Café français, we note and discuss vocabulary that pertains to the topic; some blog questions might appear with related concerns; several bellringers give opportunities to formulate positions; and at least once "brainstorming" activity helps the class determine what some responses to the topic might be.  

Our goal here, as with most of the oral activities we do, is ease of communication, not marking down errors However, to lead to improvement, some errors have to be noted.  Beginning with the second Café francais, the previous graded rubrics will be used to show where the student might improve: we will pull them back out and each student will reflect in his/her journal what he/she might do to improve.  

Check out the rubric below.

Should you have any questions or concerns I have not addressed, please do not hesitate to contact me at madamespencer@schools.net
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